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Pizza Rocco Catering

At Pizza Rocco Catering, we specialise in creating unforgettable experiences with our authentic woodfired pizzas.

Our passion for quality ingredients and exceptional service brings people together, whether it's a cozy family gathering or a grand celebration. Let us turn your next event into a memorable feast with our delicious, hand-crafted pizzas, made fresh on-site. Experience the warmth, flavour, and joy that only Pizza Rocco can deliver. 

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When do you arrive?
We arrive 30 minutes before the serving time to ensure everything is ready and set up properly. 

How long does it take to setup up?
In normal conditions, it takes approximately 20 minutes to set up.

How much space do you need?
To accommodate our setup, we need the equivalent of two car parking spaces in length, which typically fits in a residential driveway. Our trailer remains attached at all times, so we also require a clearance width of 2.5 meters.